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Ever Thought of Writing Your Own eBook?

We live in the information age where if people want something, they want it immediately, without delay. eBooks are becoming all the rage since they are easily transmitted, easily stored, and require few resources to produce. Now is the time to write your own eBook. You’re probably thinking, “Me, publish a book? I can’t do that.” Publishing an eBook is entirely different than publishing a printed work. Remember all those term papers you wrote back in high school or college? Writing an eBook is much the same.Millions of internet users worldwide are seeking advice from others who have “been there, done that” and understand their particular problem. If you have had a life experience and learned a lesson, encountered a struggle, or grappled with a tough issue, chances are that someone else out there is probably struggling with that same issue right now, and looking for help. You can be the person to provide the information they seek and help them solve their problem using your experience, and your eBook.

EBooks are not only a way to share information with other readers, but they are a powerful, inexpensive way to market your business, website, or blog. When you are the author of an eBook, you have all the control. You decide what information and links to include – and those links can be to your websites, your affiliate programs, your blog, free sites that you participate in, or any website that you just want to recommend because you enjoy it. eBooks sometimes get a “bad wrap” because so many of them are just full of garbage. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The fist step is to decide what you want to write about. Have you had a life experience that you learned from, such as the perils of starting a business, baking a special cake, or the ordeal or remodeling a house? Have you accomplished a goal such as losing weight or putting yourself through night school? Do you have a special needs child, or work with animals? You can share this information with others facing the same issues by putting your experience into an eBook. Maybe you have a niche business that you can share information about. For example, I have been an eBay seller for several years. I have learned volumes about this topic, and have put that information into eBay eBooks for new sellers. In fact, once you start writing, you may be able to develop a series of eBooks about your topic. eBooks do very well in specific niche busineses because the information is so specialized.The next step is to write up your information, and do your research. Create an outline about what your book will include. If you write a few hundred words a day, your book will be complete in just a few weeks. You can use specialized computer software to write your eBook, or you can just type it in WORD, and then convert to a PDF. (Use pdfonline.com – it is free!) You can sell your eBook on your website and use an FTP server (File Transfer Protocol), so that when a customer purchases your book, they are directed to a site where they can download the book and start reading immediately.

So, if you have ever thought of writing an eBook, give it a try! Now is the time. You may want to visit some websites that explain the specifics of setting up a website and affiliate programs to sell your eBook.

This begs the question: What kind of eBook would help YOU with a problem? If you were going to write one to share information, what would it be about? Please answer in the comment section below!

Suzanne Wells is an eBay Power Seller, eBay Consultant, freelance writer, and mom of 2 in Atlanta, GA.