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Doable 30 – Take Action

Doable 30

I can't believe it is the last day of the blog tour!!! Doable 30 of the ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables' Blog Tour. Yesterday we talked about keeping the momentum going.  You should definitely go back and read it if you haven't yet. A full list of the blogs we have already visited can be found at the Blog Tour Information Page.

Thank you so much Tracy Roberts and Susanne Myers for being our amazing hosts today!!

Don't forget that not only can you learn some neat tricks about list building but you can also win great prizes. You can find all the ways to enter at the bottom of this post. There are only a few days left to enter to win!!

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Have an amazing day!

Stacey Myers

Build Your List Blog Tour

Doable 30 – Take Action

Wow! Can you believe this is the last day of the tour.  We have covered so much over the last 30 days.  Do make sure to go back and read any of the posts you missed.  You can catch those on the Blog Information Page.

There has been a lot of information covered over the last 30 days.  Here I have laid out the steps to take to get in action:

  • Who is your ideal client? — Define this as clear as you can!
  • What do you want them to know?  
  • What do you want to use as a giveaway?
  • How are you going to deliver it – ebook, audio, webinar?
  • Create the free gift, write the headline, and get the graphic designed.
  • Choose and set up an autoresponder service.
  • Write your follow up emails and load them into the system.
  • Put an opt in form in your sidebar or build a landing page.

Initially I would choose one or two of the options to drive traffic to your opt in and focus on getting good at those, instead of trying to do all of them at once.  Master a couple and then add others into the mix.

Continue to follow up with your list and build relationships.  

Don’t forget to offer things for them to purchase – this is a business, and not a hobby.

Always provide great content and resources for your ideal client and continue to watch your business grow!

Don't forget to access the additional video trainings on the Resource Page.

What are the first actions you are going to take?  Comment below and let us know.

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