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Developing Your Brand

Your brand is the voice or personality of your business. It represents the way that you want the world, and especially your audience, to see you and think of you. This occurs through the colors, fonts, images, words, and temperament you share with your audience through your content.

If you think of your business as a person, sometimes you may get confused between yourself and your business. Sometimes your company and you are one and the same, this happens a lot with life coaches, consultants, and those who use their name as their primary business name, and they consider their business one and the same. That’s perfectly fine to do it that way.

Our 30 Days to Develop Your Brand will show your readers what a brand is, why you need one, and how to get started.

In the content you share helpful tips and advice and to go along with it, emails go out each day that point readers to the new content and challenge them to follow along. With this content bundle, you challenge your readers to develop their business brand.

For only $87 you'll get all this:
30 articles, 30 emails, 30 social media posts, eBook compilation, our handy “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, an eBook and Workbook.

Here's What's Inside:
30 Days to Develop Your Brand

30 Emails and 30 Articles

This PLR Bundle includes 30 articles and 30 email messages. Just copy and paste and you're good to go.

Here's a quick glance at the 30 titles we have for you inside:

  • Welcome and What Exactly is a Brand
  • Yes, You Need to Become a Brand
  • What is Your Core Message? What Do You Want Your Brand to Stand For?
  • It All Starts with a Name
  • To Rebrand or Not To Rebrand
  • Let’s Talk Logos & Graphics
  • How to Craft a Brand That Resonates with Your Audience
  • Let’s Talk Branding Strategy for Your Online Business
  • How Branding Works with the Know-Like-Trust Concept
  • Branding is so Much More Than Advertising & Logos
  • Is Your Brand Descriptive and Memorable?
  • Is Your Branding Consistent Across Multiple Platforms?
  • The Importance of Branding in Social Media
  • How Branding Can Help You Sell More Products & Services
  • Good Branding Sets You Apart from Your Competition
  • Are You Advertising? It Will Be Part of Your Branding Strategy
  • The Importance of Consistency Over Time 
  • How to Write Your Branding Message
  • Launching Your Brand is All About Telling Your Story
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Personality
  • Creating Templates That Reflect Your Brand
  • Your Content is a Huge Part of Your Brand Online
  • How to Avoid Mixed Messages in Your Branding
  • The Importance of Monitoring Your Brand
  • Does Your Branding Strategy Align with Your Business Objectives?
  • Simple Ways to Integrate Branding into Website Design
  • Here’s What Should Be in Your Branded Marketing Toolkit
  • Implement, Track, & Adjust Your Branding Message
  • Strategies to Help You Stay True to Your Brand
  • Let’s Review a Month’s Worth of Branding Tips & Strategies

30 Days to Develop Your Brand

30 Social Media Posts

Custom written social media posts that go hand-in-hand with each of the articles. Use them to whip up quick Facebook posts, schedule tweets for your posts, or consider combining these little text blurbs with images for your posts and use them on Pinterest or Instagram. No matter how you use them, these social media posts make promoting your content as easy as pie.

Each day during the challenge your readers will receive a personalized email from you with a link to the daily blog post.

The posts or articles are a good mix of tips and ideas that will inspire your readers to use their free content to build their lists. There are inspirational posts and those with strategies that your readers can take action on right away. It's a good mix of content that your audience will enjoy. Since the articles also go up on your blog and can be shared via social media, this is a great way to grow your reach and attract new readers.

This could be a free challenge to help you build your list and grow engagement with your readers, or it could be a paid product for an online business owner. The content could also easily be turned into a 30-day group coaching program all about developing your brand.

Post each article on your blog to drive traffic there, or if you prefer, share the tips (or excerpts) on your Facebook page to drive up engagement there.

Along the way, you can, of course, monetize your emails with suggestions for different books, courses and tools.

If you know how to copy and paste, you can set up this 30 days of pre-written content all about developing your brand. Keep it free or make it a paid product.

What If Blogging Isn’t Your Thing?

Not a problem! We’ve compiled the content into a meaty 30 chapter eBook that you can share with your target audience. Use it as an up-sell or bonus for signing up to your list or coaching program. Turn it into a new paid product to build out your funnel, or post the articles on your site with a call to action at the end to sign up to receive the full content package. You get top-notch self-help content that you can quickly customize for your specific target audience and share with them in a variety of different ways. We even include a guide with plenty of ideas to get you started. The only way you won’t benefit and profit from this content is if you let it collect virtual dust on your hard drive.

BONUS: You'll Also Get Our “Using An Email Challenge To Grow Your List” Guide

We put together a “how-to” guide to help you implement this PLR and use it to grow your list. Use it for this challenge, but also for any other 15 or 30-day email challenges you may want to run down the road. We've even included a section on how to write the content for your challenge yourself. We share everything we do to run and promote these 30-day challenges and grow our lists fast. Frankly, this bonus alone is well worth the price of the entire PLR bundle.

Ebook: Know-Like-Trust: How Your Brand and Your Story Draw People in and Convince Them to Make That First Purchase (6,040 words)

will teach your readers about:

  • The Know, Like and Trust Principle
  • What's Your Story?
  • How Your Brand And Your Story Help You Reach Your Target Audience
  • Being Visible Isn’t Enough – Using Your Brand And Story To Build Trust
  • Bringing It Full Circle – Making The Sale And Using Happy Customers As Brand Ambassadors

30 Days to Develop Your Brand Ebook


A workbook to help your readers develop their branding. Here's a sneak peek:

Develop Your Brand Workbook

To recap, you’ll get the full 30 articles as a word document, txt files, and the article content turned into a meaty eBook that you can share as part of the content series, or use as a stand-alone product. You’ll also receive 30 email messages to promote the blog posts, and an eBook and workbook combo.

Get this content all about Developing Your Brand PLUS BONUSES for just $87 – and Start Growing Your List Today!

 30 Days of “Done for You” Content to help you grow your list & inspire activity in your community.

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