A big part of running an online business is staying on top of changes and new strategies. There always seems to be something new to learn and a new marketing technique to try. And then there are all those awesome courses, tools etc. It's easy to get stuck in a never-ending loop of finding new things, studying new techniques and hunting for better tools.

How can you help it? There's such a great feeling of accomplishment and moving forward in your business when you buy that new course or invest in a new WordPress plugin. Just think of the potential this could have for your site…

Those my friends are Bright Shiny New Objects and if you continually chasing them, you suffer from BSOS  (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome). Don't worry, we all have the occasional bout of those and sometimes that can be a good thing.

At other times though…

How BSOs can Derail Your Success

I went through a period of almost a year where I mostly just bought courses and tools to help me grow my business. The sad thing is, none of them did anything for me.

The materials and software were great. The student was the problem. I had a bad case of BSOS. I'd open my email first thing in the morning and bought 3 courses, PLR, or tools before lunch. I'm ashamed to say that some never go unzipped. Others I glanced at or filed away on my computer to use later.

I spent all my time going through offers, glancing through the content and in some cases even study the material.

What I didn't do was implement much at all.

No wonder that stuff didn't do much for me.

The dangerous part is that I felt super productive. I was investing in my business, I was learning the most cutting edge strategies, I had the most seo optimzied theme (it just wasn't installed yet)…. Do you see the danger here?

Exclamation danger sign

Learning is Fun, But Sometime You Gotta Stop

I get it… learning new stuff is a lot of fun. If I could I'd be a perpetual student…. but sadly that just doesn't pay the bills.

And I'll tell you a secret.

As much fun as learning the latest and greatest SEO technique is, it's even more fun to implement it and watch your traffic, subscribers and sales grow as a result.

Learn something, implement it and then track how much progress you're making.

Install that new popup and watch your subscriber numbers increase. Add a new social plugin and watch your traffic from facebook go up.

Go through that course on creating an info product, put on together and then enjoy the emails from happy customers as they come in.

Each time you learn something new make sure you stop studying and start implementing what you're learning.

Here's my 3 step system for keeping me in line when the perpetual student in me starts to pop up.

3 Steps For Success

Do you remember the old fire drill “Stop, Drop and Roll”? From here on out I want you to do the same as you come across a cool new offer.


Stop yourself before you hit that buy button and think about whether or not this is really something you need to more forward with your business right now.


If it isn't, drop it completely and don't buy. If you're not sure, sleep on it for a night. No matter how urgent the marketing materials make it seem… your life does not depend on buying this new course today. Sleep on it and decide with a clear head the next morning if it's a good fit for you RIGHT NOW.


If you do end up investing in a new course, some coaching or a new product. Make sure you roll with it 100%. That means not just going through the material but implementing what you're learning before you move on to something else. Make that course or tool pay for itself.

No More Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Ready to dive a little deeper and get better at avoiding BSOS?

Our friend Kelly McCausey put together a free resource for you. She talks you through dealing with Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and even put together some worksheets for you .

You can download the special audio recording and printable worksheets at https://piggymakesbank.com/bsos

BSOS Worksheets

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