The "Help Susanne Out" Sale - The PLR Edition

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This sale expires on Saturday, August 19, 2023

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Making Bacon Challenge

Access to 2 of our courses:

24 emails with information and motivation to get your brain juices flowing and help you get your butt in gear so you can make some serious progress.


Boost Your PLR ROI eBook

How to Make The Most of Each Piece of PLR that you buy. Using private label rights (PLR) in your business is a time-tested way to create profitable content. PLR can be used in all areas of your business. PLR can be used throughout your entire product development, and in marketing, and promotion


How to Use PLR to Boost Your Bottom Line eCourse

a 10 Module Ecourse designed to help you make the most of your PLR and add $$$ to your bank account.

+ Bonus Canva Templates

Each bundle includes 12 Canva Templates for the ebooks/workbooks

You'll get the Canva Templates to each of the 12 ebooks/workbooks included in the Bundle(s) you purchase

...if you buy all 3 Bundles then you'll get a total of THIRTY-SIX ebook/workbook Canva Templates ready for your voice & branding.

To clarify...for each bundle you purchase you'll get the corresponding Canva Templates for the ebooks/workbooks in that bundle.

Self Help Canva Templates ($324 value)

Business Canva Templates ($324 Value)

Health & Wellness Canva Templates ($324 Value)

Now that we've told you all about the bonuses let's get on to the good stuff....

Choose one or grab ALL three of our Big PLR Bundles

We have content for the Business, Self-Help, & Health & Wellness Niche and you can give your business a boost when you get your license for ALL 3 Bundles for Only $134.

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Of course, you can also purchase each bundle individually for $67 each.

Self-Help Content

  • 12 Powerful Self Help Topics
  • 360 Articles 
  • 360 Pre-Written Autoresponder Emails
  • 360 Done-for-you Social Media Posts 
  • 12 eBooks (6000+ words each)
  • 12 Workbooks to go with the eBooks
  • Topics Include:  

    • How to Take Action
    • Progress Over Perfection
    • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
    • Living a Happy and Fulfilled Life
    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
    • Micro-Habits - Tiny Habits That Lead to Big Change
    • The Power of Knowing When to Quit
    • Looking Within for Healthy Personal Growth
    • From Procrastination to Progress
    • Living a Super-Ager Lifestyle
    • Healthy Social Media for the Entire Family
    • Building Better Friendships

    Business Content

  • 12 Powerful Business Topics
  • 360 Articles 
  • 360 Pre-Written Autoresponder Emails
  • 360 Done-for-you Social Media Posts 
  • 12 eBooks (6000+ words each)
  • 12 Workbooks to go with the eBooks
  • Topics Include:

    • Employee to Entrepreneur
    • Small Business Project Management
    • Social Messenger Apps to Engage Your Audience
    • Business Ideas that Make Money
    • Building a Community to Grow Your Business
    • Social Media Stories for Business
    • Email Marketing Audits
    • Live Streaming for Business
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Automate Success with the Power of Daily Habits
    • Storytelling to Increase Audience Engagement
    • Quarterly Planning for Maximum Productivity

    Health & Wellness Content

  • 12 Powerful Health & Wellness Topics
  • 280 Articles 
  • 280 Pre-Written Autoresponder Emails
  • 360 Done-for-you Social Media Posts 
  • 12 eBooks (6000+ words each)
  • 12 Workbooks to go with the eBooks
  • Topics Include:

    • Ten Steps to Overcome Emotional Eating
    • Effective Calorie Counting
    • Transitioning to a Whole Foods Diet
    • How to Build Resilience in Your Life
    • Coping With Autoimmune Disease
    • Mastering Intermittent Fasting
    • Simple Swaps for a Healthier Diet
    • Staying Hydrated
    • Creating the Right Daily Self-Care Routine for You
    • Live a Less Stressful Life
    • Sneaky Strategies to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
    • Getting Better Sleep

    This sale expires on Saturday, August 19, 2023

    Due to the nature of this sale there will be no refunds or substitutions.

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