So far we've talked about why it's a good idea to participate and hold fire sales. Today, I want to turn the tables a little bit and chat with you about how both running and participating in fire sales affects your most valuable asset – your customers and subscribers.

Assuming that you'll promote a fire sale you're participating pretty much the same way you would if you where holding the sale, the end experience for your customers will be the same. You're offering them a great bundle of products for one low price. Here's why they'll love you for it.

Fire Sale  Bundles Offer Great Value

Let's start with the obvious. Since you're bundling a bunch of great products for one low price, your readers and customers will get a great deal.

Great value is always appreciated. It also often turns subscribers who have been on the fence about buying something from you to turn into paying customers.

Our best advice is to make sure the fire sale product gives them some excellent value and that the content you're delivering is top notch. Not only will it keep your customers happy, it will also result in repeat business for you.

Even if you bundle all your current products together, you can expect to make additional sales by recommending other people's products to your customer list as an affiliate and of course by creating more products.

Content Contained Over Perceived Value – a Mind Shift

After watching how Blogging Concentrated run their sale recently they had an epiphany of sorts.  They decided not to market their sale based on perceived value even though the value was certainly there. Instead, they focused on the content the market they were targeting would receive.  They were selling to business owners, Blogging CEOs – certainly the captains of their ships so it wasn't so much about “Get all this stuff for this tiny amount” it was more about “Look at what you can learn for your investment”.

They Are Doing A Good Deed And Feel Appreciated

In our  fire sale ebook we talk a lot about creating a “hook” for the sale. This is a term from the advertising and copy writing world and basically means that you should have  a good reason for running the sale.

For example, I ran a fire sale this summer to help pay for plane tickets to go see my grandmother. Not only did my readers get a great deal on the eBook bundle, they also were helping me.

People like being able to give back and do a good deed.

On the flip side, they also like to feel appreciated. A good example here is running a customer appreciation sale as a bundle.

As you set up a sale, think about what's in it for your customers and readers.

They Discover New Products, Brands and Bloggers

What surprised me the most the first time we ran one of these sales was how much my audience appreciated all the ebooks and other information products that were included in the bundle outside of my own.

Bundles allow readers to discover ebooks of yours that they may have never bought otherwise.

They also give them the opportunity to explore new products, ebooks by other authers and blogs that are similar to what you have to offer.

I”m not making this up. Every time Tracy and I run or participate in a fire sale we get plenty of positive feedback from our customer base. The biggest reason why is that we are very careful of what we promote and participate in and always make sure it's (a) a great deal for our “peeps” (b) something they can actually use  and (c) stuff that will help them and/or their businesses grow.

Ready to Give It A Try?  

The Win Win Project - How to Run a Successful Fire Sale - 3D - 060814

We’ve put together a guide that shows you exactly how to run a fire sale.

We’ve tested and tweaked a system we’ve been using for the past 2 years and are sharing what we’ve learned with you.

You’ll get a step-by-step guide (complete with examples from our own fire sales), a checklist to help you stay on track and access to Tracy and I via a private Facebook group.

We’re here to answer questions and help you get in touch with potential bundle sale participants.

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