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Boost Your Traffic with Stumble Upon

I very frequently use a service called Stumble Upon. Basically, it is a database of websites that you can “search” by stumbling from one site to the next. You can use a random stumble, or pick a keyword to search for. I often use this service to stumble through wedding and scrapbooking websites to find new resources, ideas and blogs to share with my readers.

Stumble Upon also lets you add sites you visit – and this is were it becomes useful to you as a site-owner. Every time I add a new blog post to one of my blogs, I add it to the Stumble Database. It's very simple to do – I installed the Stumble toolbar and when I am on the post page, I simply click the Thumbs Up button. A pop up box asks me to pick a category for the site and lets me add a description and keywords as well to make it easier for them to know where to place that link. Then, that page is added and when someone stumbles using one of the keywords I added, they find my post!

It also works well for stores and other websites. For example, I have submitted my best selling product pages, main store page, category pages, etc. Eventually I would like to add each individual product page, but I have hundreds of products so I am doing a little at a time.

Stumble Upon is a free service, and very very easy to use. Enjoy:)