Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start earning income online.

If you don't know what it is, basically, you sell other people's product and a commission for sales you generate. No inventory, no need to come up with your own course or product and little to no support.

And, many affiliates don't even have their own website. Not something I'd recommend, but it can be done. Overall, it's a pretty sweet arrangement.

There is a down side. A lot of affiliates – myself included – start off by throwing out recommendations and hoping people bite.

Now, I'm not saying this doesn't work. It can, and does. I've made 4-figure checks doing this alone but I also know, it can be so much better by adding just one small thing.

That small thing is a bonus. Simply put, you offer the people who buy through your link, something special. Here's why this works.

At any given time, especially for highly publicized product launches – there are many other affiliates promoting the same product as you are. If you are only throwing out your links, what makes someone want to buy through you vs the other affiliates?

The answer is nothing. Your audience would have no reason to buy from you.

Now, imagine if you throw in a special bonus. If they buy from you, clicking your link and checking out right now, they'll get XYZ for doing so. They'll be a whole lot more likely to say yes to you, especially when other affiliates aren't offering one.

The pull of this is quite amazing. I myself have personally purchased through a particular affiliate because of their bonus. After all, it's like getting more product for the same amount of money.

Here's the rub with bonuses. You have to create one.

Did I just hear your enthusiasm deflate? I get it. That's the way I always felt when thinking about creating bonuses. The thought process goes a bit like this…

“If I have to do that, I might as well create a product of my own. And that will take a while to do.”

If you've had similar thoughts, stop. Let's make this super easy. Just use PLR. More specifically, use PLR printables.

The reason for printables is, people are busy and they want returns. If the affiliate product you are promoting is a training course, they already have to invest time into that. They don't want or need to spend extra time going through your own training, or read your ebook. At best, your bonus will be a distraction.

Printables by contrast though are easily consumed and actionable. There is no learning, and it keeps them on track to reaching their goals. Printables are also different. When others are offering trainings (blank stare), Facebook group (eh) or ebook bonuses (yawn), printables stand out.

Unlike books and huge content packages, printable bonuses are also crazy easy to customize because you don't have to spend countless hours reading through every line to make sure the content matches your voice.

Where do you find these amazing printable PLR? Well, you're on the right site of course! Piggy Makes Bank offers some their content with printables. You can also get them from my store at on a variety of topics. Come check it out and while you're there, be sure to register for exclusive savings.

Lynette Chandler is a web developer turned planner designer. She finds tremendous joy in creating printables, workbooks, art, and discovering tech that fellow entrepreneurs can use to grow their businesses.

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