Blogging Traffic Tip Tuesday - Piggy Makes Bank

Blogging Traffic Tip Tuesday

I use Flickr for most of my blog photos. Flickr is a free photo hosting service with a variety of tools and options for your photos. It has millions of photos uploaded by its users, and everything is free to download and use. You can even choose the size of the photo you need.

To use photos for your blog posts, just do a search for what you need. Be sure to be specific – this is a vast library and you are going to get thousands of results from your searches. Click on the photo you like, and either download it or link directly to the photo on Flickr. It is fast, easy, and free.

You can also use Flickr as a way to promote yourself and your blog. You can create a free account and store your own photos there for others to use. On your account, be sure to leave a link to your website or blog for others to check you out. You can create albums and organize your photos for easy viewing – and even send the links to friends and family to view your collections. It is really fun. Check out my photos on Flickr!

Another thing you can do on Flickr is browse photos and leave comments. When you search for and find a photo, you will see the user's name next to the photo, and you can see more photos by that user, or visit their profile. It is a great way to meet people with the same interests (travel, animals, collecting, food) and network. Also, many amateur and professional photographers showcase their photos on Flickr so you will find some very high quality photos to use for your site or blog. (Some photos have restrictions for use, so be sure to read and respect the owner's wishes.)

Check out Flickr today!

Come back next Tuesday for another blog traffic tip!


Suzanne Wells