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We're back today with another great find from our blogging friends. One of both of our biggest problems is to find the time to tackle all the great ideas we have. This is particularly true when it comes to blog posts. There's so much we want to share, but only so much time to sit down to write.

Since we're both busy moms, with a household to take care of, kids to drive all over the place and plenty of dirty dishes waiting in the kitchen sink, we do what we can to work fast and efficient.

Even so, I pay attention when I come across a post like these 25 Tips to Become a More Productive Blogger by Melissa Culbertson from

Chances are that you've seen some of these tips and may already be using some of them. Even so, I enjoyed the post, got some great reminders of things I should be doing and picked up a new tip or two as well.

Head on over to to read the post, then come back and let us know what you've found most helpful in her post.

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