The Path to Productivity Bundle

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Thousands of articles and blog posts written every day just disappear in our social media environment. The feed is all about what’s new and old stuff…even yesterday’s stuff, rarely resurfaces. Your audience needs you. That’s why it’s important that you are publishing new information for them to consume every week.

We want to help you do that. That’s why in the 5 packs you'll get with this bundle, we'll give you 80 professionally written articles! You can use them as emails, post them to or LinkedIn or Facebook, as blog posts, or as content for your podcast.

We design each pack with a theme, which means the articles are really a 30, 10 or 5-day series. Invite them back to your website to read the other articles.

And then instead of looking at a blank screen trying to figure out what you’re going to create and how losing precious time…you get to start implementing, executing, growing, and making money.

It takes work to grow your email list. Real work. Think about all the time you’ve been working and what it took to put together the list you have.

Suppose you want to grow your followers this month. How about posting your articles to Medium and then sending an email for each article to your list . . . with links to your account. Or Goodreads. Or your Facebook group.

Instead of wondering what to write, just hit send and start growing immediately! We give you an email to go with every article – that's 80 emails too.

If you take away the “stall” that happens when you start creating content, you get to implement and execute and grow and make money right away.

You can use all of this pre-written content as is or edit it as you see fit. Tweak it to fit your niche and your business requirements. Put your name on it and use it in your overall content marketing strategy.

Here's A Sampling of What You Get…

Path to Productivity

5 Powerful Content Bundles All About Productivity

The topics include…

  • Mastering Your Focus & Boosting Productivity
  • Boost Productivity in Five Days
  • Productivity Blueprint
  • Getting Sleep to Increase Productivity
  • Quarterly Planning to Increase Productivity

What's Included In The 5 Bundles?

80 Articles

Each PLR pack includes professionally written and edited articles on the topic. Use them as blog posts, create a blog post series, or compile them into a short report. There is a lot you can do with this content.

80 Emails

Website content is great, but traffic is king. With these emails, not only can you send traffic to your blog at the press of a button, you are building a relationship with your audience.

80 Social Media Posts

Custom-written social media posts that go hand-in-hand with each of the articles. Use them to whip up quick Facebook posts, schedule tweets for your posts, or consider combining these little text blurbs with images for your posts and use them on Pinterest or Instagram. No matter how you use them, these social media posts make promoting your content as easy as pie.

10 Social Media Images

You'll also get 10 social media-friendly images that work as blog post images to share with the content.

2 Ebooks and 2 Workbooks

6,000+ word Ebooks all about the main topic along with workbooks for your readers to work through the process and document their thoughts.  This content is completely different from the articles in each pack.

+ 6 Bonus Materials

  • Quarterly Action Plan
  • SMART Goal Worksheet
  • Daily Planner
  • Goal Worksheet
  • Monthly Budget Planner
  • To-Do List Weekly Planner

Here's Exactly What You'll Get in Each Bundle: 

Bundle #1: Mastering Your Focus & Boosting Production ($27 value)

How’s your concentration? Have you found it hard to focus on what’s important because you feel scattered?

You’re not alone! We live in unprecedented times where being pulled in many directions while being bombarded with information and stimulation is common. Smartphones, instant messaging, streaming video, and other on-demand conveniences can make life easier, but oftentimes more complicated. After a while, it can be hard to focus and know what’s most important.

Realizing you feel scattered but aren’t sure where to start for your focus can help you stop and evaluate your next steps. From there you can start to narrow your focus and boost your production.

Mastering Your Focus

5 Articles with 400+ Words

  • Are You Too Scattered to Focus on What’s Important?
  • Ditch These Distraction Habits to Master Your Focus
  • Plan Your Day According to Your Ability to Focus
  • Tips to Laser Focus Your Energy and Boost Your Production
  • Can’t Focus? It May Be Time to See the Doctor

Mastering Your Focus Articles

5 Emails to Copy and Paste

Mastering Your Focus Emails

5 Custom Written Social Media Posts to Go with Each Article

Mastering Your Focus

Social Media Images

You'll also get 5 social media-friendly images that also work as blog post images to share with the content. Here's a sneak peek:

Mastering Focus

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Bundle #2: Boost Productivity in Five Days ($27 value)

If you live in a culture that glorifies busyness, there’s a lot of pressure to be productive. This can be a relative term in that one person’s productivity could look like another’s laziness. Most of the time productivity is a standard we’ve created in our minds based on what it takes to make us feel confident we’ve used our time wisely.

If you’ve been in a slump lately don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s natural to go through seasons where you don’t feel productive. As you solve problems, find motivation, and get things back on track you are sure to feel more productive and in control.

Boost Productivity

5 Articles with 400+ Words

Topics Include:

  • Feeling Unproductive? You’re Not Alone
  • Boot Overwhelm to Boost Productivity
  • Eat a Frog to be More Productive
  • Your Eating Habits Can Boost Productivity
  • Clear the Clutter and Boost Productivity

5 Emails to Copy and Paste

5 Custom Written Social Media Posts to Go with Each Article

Social Media Images

You'll also get 5 social media-friendly images that also work as blog post images to share with the content. Here's a sneak peek:


Bundle #3: Productivity Blueprint ($87 value)

Productivity has a variable definition and affects every aspect of your life, both business and personal. When you think about it, every decision you make and action you take affects your productivity somehow. Your health, creativity, journey in life, or direction of your business all depends on the type of productivity you produce.

Our 30 days of productivity will teach your readers how they can evaluate their actions and change their daily to-do lists to accomplish their business goals.

Productivity Blueprint

30 Articles with 400+ words

Procrastination Articles

Topics Include:


  • What Does Productivity Mean to You?
  • Nope: Productivity and Being Busy Are Not the Same
  • The Only Action That Matters
  • Schedule Your Breaks or You Won't
  • The Importance Of “Why”
  • 5 Household Management Tips for Parent Business Owners
  • How And Why You Must Remove Distractions
  • The Secrets to Time Management and Why You Need It
  • Yes! You Can Automate That
  • How to Create an Effective To-Do List?
  • How to Be Realistic About Time
  • How to Use the Right Tools and Technology for Your Business?
  • Learn to Say No to Be More Productive
  • How to Find Your Most Productive Hours?
  • How to Outsource to Save You More Time



  • Learn to Create Realistic Schedules
  • Get Your Goals into Your Calendar
  • 6 Habits That Are Destroying Your Productivity
  • How Sleep Impacts Your Productivity
  • Top 8 Productivity Tools to Try
  • The Importance of Continued Learning in Life and Business
  • 5 Rituals to Boost Your Energy and Productivity
  • Deprioritize Non-Essential Tasks: Know What's Important
  • How and Why Getting Rid of Things That You Don't Need Frees You
  • Be More Accountable, and Consistent Share Your Goals
  • The Impact of Music on Productivity
  • Eat the Frog! How That's Actually Great for Business
  • Delegate More Effectively: 5 Tips
  • 5 Ways Mentors Can Keep You on Track and Lead You to Success
  • How To Manage Your Energy


30 Emails

Each day during the challenge your readers will receive a personalized email from you with a link to the daily blog post.

The posts or articles are a good mix of tips and ideas that will inspire your readers to use their free content to build their lists. There are inspirational posts and those with strategies that your readers can take action on right away. It's a good mix of content that your audience will enjoy. Since the articles also go up on your blog and can be shared via social media, this is a great way to grow your reach and attract new readers.

This could be a free challenge to help you build your list and grow engagement with your readers, or it could be a paid product for an online business owner. The content could also easily be turned into a 30-day group coaching program all about becoming more productive.

Post each article on your blog to drive traffic there, or if you prefer, share the tips (or excerpts) on your Facebook page to drive up engagement there.

Along the way, you can, of course, monetize your emails with suggestions for different books, courses, and tools.


30 Social Media Posts

Productivity Blueprint Social Media

Ebook: Productivity Blueprint: How to Properly Manage Your Time to Make More Money (6,069 words)

will teach your readers about:

  • What is Productivity
  • The Real Nemesis of Productivity: Resistance
  • Create Repeatable Processes and Powerful Daily Habits
  • 15 Productivity Tools to Help You Manage Your Time Better
  • 15 More Productivity Hacks and Tips for Small Business Owners
  • Share Overflow and Work Together
  • & More…

Productivity Blueprint Ebook


A workbook to help your readers become more productive. Here's a sneak peek:

Productivity Blueprint Workbook

Bonus Materials:

You'll receive 5 bonuses to provide your audience:

  • Daily Planner
  • Goal Worksheet
  • Monthly Budget Planner
  • To-Do List
  • Weekly Planner

Productivity Blueprint Bonuses

Bundle #4: Getting More Sleep to Increase Productivity ($27 value)


10 Articles with 400+ words

Topics Include:

  1. The Connection Between Sleep And Productivity
  2. How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Really Need?
  3. Establishing a Bedtime and a Bedtime Routine
  4. Afternoon Slumps Are A Sign That You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep
  5. Napping To Get More Done
  6. Have You Tried Coffee Naps?
  7. Preventing Burnout By Getting Enough Sleep
  8. How Much You Sleep Has A Big Impact On Your Mind
  9. Lack Of Sleep Can Carry A Big Price Tag
  10. A Rested Mind Isn’t A Distracted Mind

10 Emails

10 Social Media Posts


Bundle #5: Quarterly Planning for Maximum Productivity ($87 value)

Did you make a to-do list for the day? If so, how far have you gone, or did you completely forget about it already? Well, don’t worry too much. As roughly 41% of items on most people’s to-do lists never get done, you are not alone.

Most people are not making the right to-do lists either.  The best way to fix it and have it work for you and not against you is first to understand the common reasons why they fail in the first place.

Our 30 Days of maximizing your productivity will teach your readers how they can create productivity schedules by focusing on quarterly planning.

30 Articles with 400+ words

Quarterly Planning Articles

Topics Include:


  • Why Your To-Do Lists Are Failing You
  • Managing Your Energy Is A Must
  • Treat Yourself and Take A Day Off
  • Multitasking Is A Lie
  • Be More Proactive and Less Reactive to Achieve Higher Success
  • If You Don’t Set Hard Deadlines, Plan to Fail
  • Do This to Be More Consistent in Life and Business
  • The 2-Minute Rule You Need
  • How to Create Repeatable Workflows for Better Time Management
  • Five Tips for Better Task Prioritization
  • “Power Office” Your Workspace
  • Kick Distractions or Else
  • Organization Is A Daily Requirement
  • It’s Not the Deadlines; It’s Your Lack of Discipline
  • Don’t Let This Momentum Killer Destroy Your Success



  • Stop Doing Everything and Hire Help
  • Hit Pause, It’s Time to Reflect
  • Give Your Business A HIIT
  • Better Goal Setting Tips for Maximum Productivity
  • These Bad Habits Are Killing Your Self-Discipline
  • 6 Steps to Quarterly Planning for Increased Productivity
  • Quit These Bad Time Management Habits Now
  • Your Lack of Realism Is Stalling Your Success
  • Essential Elements of The Realistic Optimist
  • Invest in More Training and Education
  • Always Plan First and Last
  • Stay More Focused with These Five Simple Steps
  • Harness the Power of Consistency
  • Are You Really Being Accountable?
  • Your Lack of Focus Is Getting in Your Way


30 Emails

Each day during the challenge your readers will receive a personalized email from you with a link to the daily blog post.


30 Social Media Posts

Quarterly Planning Social Media

Ebook: Quarterly Planning for Maximum Productivity (6,106 words)

will teach your readers about:

  • Quarterly Planning for Maximum Productivity
  • 10 Core Values Important for Maximum Productivity
  • The Power of Quarterly Planning
  • How To Create Your Own 90-Day Action Plan
  • 10 Common Productivity Mistakes to Avoid
  • 10 Powerful Habits for Maximum Productivity
  • 14 Popular Tools and Technology to Take Advantage Of
  • & More…

Quarterly Planning Ebook


A workbook to help your readers become more productive through planning. Here's a sneak peek:

Quarterly Planning Workbook

Bonus Materials:

You'll receive 2 bonuses to provide your audience:

  • Quarterly Action Plan
  • SMART Goal Worksheet

Quarterly Planning Bonuses

Again, that's a total of:

  • 80 Productivity Articles (32,000+ words)
  • 80 Pre-Written Emails
  • 80 Social Media Posts you can copy/paste
  • 10 Social Media Images
  • 2 Ebooks & 2 Workbooks
  • 6 Bonuses
What if you could have a new blog post ready to publish each week? Or better yet what if you have a new lead magnet freebie to share with your current audience each month while adding new leads to your list?  That's what these bundles can do for you.

In a perfect world, you’d publish a daily article, create emails to converse with your audience, compile helpful reports, author e-books, provide intriguing downloads for your list growth and keep your social media looking fresh. Right?

That’s an impossible task to ask a solopreneur. Especially if you have a family or another job. It’s an expensive task to ask a start-up and that’s a lot of resources wasted if you’re a large company.

As a content creation agency, our job is to stay ahead of you so you can stay ahead of your audience. We spend oodles of time creating your business daily content so you can spend time strategizing, working with clients, speaking, and making money.

Our job is to make the things that will make you successful.

And then instead of trying to figure out what you’re going to create and how you get to implement and execute and grow and make money.

Why Buy From Piggy Makes Bank?

We've been creating content since 2004 and we combined our creative skills with our marketing skills to create quality pre-written content for savvy business owners.

This is the same high-quality content you're used to just at a much lower cost. Even a brand new entrepreneur can see a huge ROI.

These packs are perfect to create opt-ins, content upgrades, or various other pieces of content to help your audience grow their list and engage their communities.

To make it quick and easy to implement, these packs will consist of either 30 or 10 articles along with supporting materials like emails, social media blurbs, and ebooks/workbooks.

Each piece of the pack was created to work seamlessly together. That said, they are just as effective when used separately. In other words, you can mix, match, and repurpose to your heart's content.

Our Content Will Help You:

Save Time

What could you do with extra time every month? That’s what we want to give you.At the beginning of every month, we want to get you to be hours ahead. As your personal content creation agency, we’re going to get into your hands all the content you need in a month to converse with your email list, post on social channels, publish on your blog and sell to your audience.

And then instead of trying to figure out what you’re going to create and how, you get to implement and execute and grow and make money  Have you had time to get all the stuff done you need to move your business forward?

Save Money

Having someone create custom content for your site is expensive. And it can be a risky move for a small business. Will you ever recoup the hundreds of dollars you paid that ghost writer?

PLR gives you custom content on a budget. A few edits and tweaks make it unique to your site and perfect for your ideal target audience. Business owners and bloggers have used pre-written content as their secret weapon for years. Isn't it time you gave it a try?

Save Sanity

We want to show you how to give that fun to your audience. We help you keep them engaged by giving you the tools to engage them. And then instead of trying to figure out what you’re going to create and how, you get to implement and execute and grow and make money.

Grab these full bundles of self-help topics now before it's too late