Now that you know what an affiliate program is all about, let's talk about starting one that will benefit you as a seller or owner of a product. I started two affiliate programs for my products. One program is for my eBook, “The Stay-at-Home Mom's Guide to Successful eBay Selling.” The other is for my membership group, The eBay Coach VIP Library. Participants who make a sale for either of these items receive a $4 commission. Both programs were set up through Payloadz in about 2 hours, and it is free to start an affiliate program with Payloadz. When a participant makes a sale thru a visitor clicking the link, her payment is automatically transferred via Paypal. The payments are automated.

Now you're thinking, why would I want to go to all the trouble to set up an affiliate program, just to share the profit with other people? I've got two words for you – FREE MARKETING. An affiliate program encourages participants to add your link or button to their website- especially if they can participate for free with no sign up costs. With each person who signs up for your affiliate program, you are extending your reach to new potential customers that you would not otherwise have access to. I see my affiliate programs pop up all the time on websites, blogs, and eBay About Me pages. Other people are spreading the word about my products for free. What could be easier? Take advantage of the viral nature of the internet by starting or participating in affiliate programs.

Even if the affiliates don't make many sales, you are getting your product in front of many more visitors than you could buy driving that same traffic to your blog or website yourself. Also, consider the repetition factor. Let's say I have 100 people participating in my eBook affiliate program. Visitors may see my button in multiple places and begin to recognize it. Advertising wisdom states that a consumer must see an ad for a product 13 times before taking action. Having an affiliate program gives you brand identity, and recognition. Finally, let's say those 100 participants in my affiliate program refer others to join. I can exponentially increase my reach as the program grows, and grows, and grows over time.

Do you participate in any affiliate programs, and if so, how are they working for you? Do you see any payouts?

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