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Affiliate Sales without “Selling”

I AM NOT a Salesperson.  Can I still be a successful affiliate?

I have to be completely honest with you, I really don't like to sell to people! But the fact of the matter is that if you can talk to people then you can promote affiliate products.

You're not going to be hard selling products or services to people.  Seriously!  You're simply going to tell people what you like and dislike about the product and why they could use it, too.  Just like you do when you recommend movies, restaurants and stores to your friends in person.  So, remember this – if you can enthusiastically recommend something to your husband or neighbor then you CAN be successful in affiliate marketing.

The key isn’t in pushing a product or service down people’s throats, but instead talking to them just like you would a friend or family member. If you can recommend something to your spouse or neighbor then yes, you CAN be a successful affiliate.

More importantly, it’s not as hard to recommend affiliate products to your audience as it can sometimes be to those close to you in every day life. And, as an affiliate marketer you are doing just that…

 You are simple recommending products to others already interested
in the information you have to share.

You're not going to be going door-to-door looking for people to listen to you….you already have an audience. The people you're sharing your recommendations with have already expressed an interest in what tyou have to say and information you have to share, which includes recommendations for products or services they have a need for.

Any good affiliate program will give you of tools and resources to help make sales easier for you to achieve. You’ll receive graphics, pre-written sales copy and more to help you.  If for some reason they don't have what you need.  Email them and ask them to create something for you.  They will be happy to do so.

It’s your job to get people to visit the company’s website. Once the person is there, it then becomes the company’s job to close the sale.

So, yes, you CAN be successful as an affiliate marketer even if you're not a salesperson.


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