Affiliate/JV Information

We've included the release information below.  Keep in mind that you are able to promote any of our products at any time.  If you'd like a personalized coupon code for past months releases simply email us at and we'll get you set up.  

We release content on the following schedule:

  1. Business Content is released on the 1st of each month 
  2. Mini-Memberships (Self-Help, Business & Health) are released on the 10th of each month
  3. Self-Help Content is released on the 15th of each month
  4. Health & Wellness Content is released on the 25th of each month

**Unless those days fall on a weekend or holiday in which case content will be released on the next business day**

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April 2023

Free PLR Packs to Promote

You don't have to wait for a new pack to release before you promote.  Choose one of the several free PLR packs to introduce your community to our products & services and let us do the work for you.

Once people get a sample of our quality they come back for more...lots more.

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Making a purchase through your own affiliate link is forbidden.

If we find that you have made a purchase for yourself through our affiliate program (we realize that accidents do happen) we will reverse that commission.

Thanks for deciding to share us with your community.

 We know you have a choice of what you share with your community and we're committed to giving our best to them.

We have a few questions for you:

If you could have anything from us to help you promote Piggy Makes Bank what would it be?

What we'd really like to know is what can we do for you that would have you recommending us to your community?

What can we do for you and your tribe that will be a win-win-win for you & your customer (and us, of course)?

Because THAT THING - that is what we want to give you.

Think outside the box - while we don't promise to do EVERYTHING you suggest - we do promise to take everything you share into consideration.

Private Label Rights Content

We currently pay 50% commission on any of our private label rights content.

Courses & Coaching

We currently pay 30% commission on our courses & coaching services.

When will I receive my commissions?

We pay out our affiliate commissions for the previous month by the 10th of each month.

For example, commissions earned on all sales from May 1-31 will be paid out by June 10th.