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In this eBook, we're sharing the steps we take to reformat & repurpose our existing content to get the most use out of our creativity.

Inside we'll talk about how to:

  1. Why Would Anyone Pay For Repurposed Content?
  2. What Content Can You Turn Into A Paid Product?
  3. What Kind Of Product Can You Create From Existing Content?
  4. Creating An Ebook From Blog Posts And Emails
  5. Creating Classes From Ebooks
  6. Creating Group Coaching From Classes
  7. Tweaking Existing Products For Different Audiences
  8. Combining Products Into Profitable Bundles

We love taking existing content and using it again and again. If there is one thing that we’ve both done well over the years, it’s working smarter instead of harder. To be honest, it’s been a necessity for each of us. We’re both busy moms with lives outside of Piggy Makes Bank. Neither one of us has the luxury of spending a lot of time and effort on any given task. Every hour spent in the business is time away from loved ones and the never ending list of chores. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And it’s taught us an important lesson. Everything we do has to give us as much bang for our buck as possible. 

Our crazy personal lives force us to make the most of everything we do and to repurpose the content we create for this business and our various niche sites. It’s been a good exercise and helps us make the most of our most valuable resource - time. In this ebook we look forward to sharing what’s worked for us and what we continue to do on a regular basis.  It’s all about making the most of each piece of content you create, no matter what the original format or purpose.

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*Personal Use Only* Ebook for Just $9