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7 Ways To Come Up With Things To Blog About

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Starting a new blog is exciting. But, sometimes you might have a hard time coming up with stuff to write about.

It's a common problem for the new blogger because you don't have the advantages of intuition, experience and reader comments that an experienced blogger will have going for them.

Here are seven tips to help you figure out what to blog about:

Check Out Expert Blogs in Your Niche

Go visit blogs of other experts in your field and see what they're blogging about. Make note of the topics that get a lot of attention through comments and links. These are the topics that reader are interested in and you can write your own original post with your own slant.

Visit Related Forums

Forums are a great place to share information and ask questions. Searching through relevant forums is a powerful way to find burning questions and topics that you can then address on your blog.

Interview Experts

Whether you do a video, audio or written interview, adding expert input to your blog is a great way to add experience you may not have. Your new readers will love the different ideas and opinions all in one spot. Plus, it may raise your credibility by interviewing some well known bloggers with large followings.

Blog About Relevant Experiences

Think of certain experiences you have to share with your readers that will add value to your blog. Writing what you know and what you experienced is always a good way to get your creative juices flowing.

Share a Case Study

Blogging a case study is similar to blogging about your experiences but you can get your readers involved. Announce the case study to your readers and share over a period of time and posts. This way your new readers can follow along and learn or even do their own case study along with you.

Check Amazon

Amazon is a niche topic idea paradise! If your topic is of interest to other people, there's probably at least a dozen on the topic at Amazon. Most of the books let you peek at the table of contents. This way you can use the contents to give you topic ideas for your own posts.

Ask Your List

One of the best ways to find out what people want to know is to just ask them. If you have an email list send them a survey. Or put a poll up on your blog with a WordPress plugin called Wp-Polls.

As you get used to writing for your blog you will get the know what your readers are interested in and it will flow much more freely. But for now, keep these tips handy when you're thinking about your next post and your sure find something good to write about.