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5 Tips To A Better Facebook Profile

More and more WAHMs and business professionals are beginning to understand the power of Facebook as a networking platform. If you are on Facebook, here are a few tips to make your profile more effective in promotig your business and yourself.

    1. Make the most of your information section! This section gives you plenty of options: email, websites, activities, interests, books, tv shows, movies, about me, etc. Don't use them all. Honestly – if your information section reads like a novel, no one is going to read it. So, pick the ones that are the most useful to you. For myself, I have my email address, my main website links, 2 favorite quotes and a well written “about me”.
    2. Be descriptive and focused in your Employment section. The Education & Work section lets you include schools and jobs both current and previous. For the job portion, list your current business and make good use of the description section. Here is where you get to promote your business. This should tell people what you do, why you are unique, what you offer that the competition doesn't, etc. It is also important to make sure you aren't overstuffing your Work Info section. List your current business, and any previous jobs that might help prove expertise in your field, but leave the rest off. The goal is to highlight and promote what you do now.
    3. Control your applications! I can not stress this enough!! If you have dozens of applications on your profile, all the useful information you have on there gets lost in the mess. This doesn't mean you can't have all those fun applications. I have about 20 applications installed – but you will only find 4 of them on my actual profile. Two are personal (my kids and daily bible verse) and two are business-related. HINT: To remove an application from your profile, click the X at the top of the application window and pick “remove box” from the pop up window. You will still have the application, it just won't be taking up space on your profile.
    4. Create a page for your business! A lot of users aren't aware of this awesome option! Basically, it's like a profile for your business! You create the profile, and then you can invite friends to visit the page and become a fan. Your business then gets added to the sidebar of the profiles of each person who becomes a fan – promoting your business all over Facebook! For an example, this is my Invitation Atelier page (please, become a fan while you are there:)). To start your own, scroll to the bottom for a link to Create Your Own Page.
    5. Watch Those Photos! Okay – this of might seem obvious to most of you, but I still see business people, with their businesses listed on their profile, and pictures of themselves drunk or compromised in their photo albums. Personal photos are great – but don't kid yourself. If you are promoting your business, those personal photos will reflect not only on you, but on your business as well.

See you on Facebook🙂