While we've promoted Susie & Geoff O'Dea of MasterPLR.com over the past few years it hasn't been until recently that we've really started to form a more solid friendship.  Being on opposite ends of the world will do that to you, especially when just as I'm winding down for the day Susie is waking up and starting her day.

We were so excited to have Susie agree to write a guest post for you.  The tips being shared are easy to follow and well worth the effort. Let's hear what she has to say:

Tracy and Susanne have asked me if I would be happy to write a guest post on content marketing or PLR for you. I am truly honored because that is a lot of trust! I know they like to share valuable information with their customers, so I hope what I share with you will be valuable to you.

Before I start, I’d like to give you just a quick background of what I have done online, so you understand why I do what I do now. Or better yet, why you might want to do what I do now!

Back in 2007 I started building hundreds of affiliate websites. Yes hundreds. I learned that if you had lots of websites and lots of content you would have lots of sales. It’s how I discovered PLR content. I bought as much as I could afford because I needed so much content and didn’t have the time or money to write all the content myself.

I worked extremely hard (18 to 20 hour days for a whole year.) I was committed and being a workaholic made it easy to do that, but I didn’t make any sales. Not one. I couldn’t understand it… build it and they will come… but they weren’t. After a while I did, so there is a happy ending and I’ll share what I did in a minute.

Before I let you know how I used PLR content to grow my affiliate niche sites, I’ll just add that we also started a web hosting business and a web design business. My husband Geoff was the web host of our company and I was the web designer and ultimately became addicted to SEO. Are we both geeks? Yes, well and truly.

Now for the part you have been waiting for!

How did it all change… from websites with hundreds of posts and no money… to focusing on just a few favorite websites and making a living off them?

I used PLR articles, I wrote my own affiliate product reviews, and finally added an autoresponder to my sites. Can you believe I had heard ‘the money is in the list’ a million times but didn’t have an autoresponder? I thought I would set it up when I had some time. What a big mistake. Traffic that was finally trickling in was just as quickly slipping through my fingers.

So here are a few tips I recommend you do.

  1. If you want to be a good marketer, set up your auto-responder.
  2. If you want to make sales you need to create ‘money pages.’ They may be for your own product or a review of a product you are promoting as an affiliate. If you are an affiliate be honest. Write the review as if you care, not a marketer just looking to make a sale.
  3. Post content regularly. Look at your competition. Do they post daily, weekly, monthly? Whatever they do, do more!
  4. Now link to your ‘money pages’! If you have your own product pages, all the better, but whatever your money pages are, link to them. Let the search engines and your website visitors know what pages are important on your site. Pave the road with links!
  5. You need to be the navigator of your site. Don’t leave it all to chance. Create the links to your money pages… and then create links to those pages you are linking from. The more posts you have on your site, the deeper and stronger you can go! If you are not sure what I mean, take a look at Wikipedia. Look at all their links. Where are they linking to? You will soon see they are all linking within their own site!

Once I started doing this, my sites took off. Yes, we need links from other sites (off-page) to boost our authority, however, on-page links can be just as powerful. Links are links! So start where you can. Your social media links are important too.

Now there is one more thing I would like to share as far as using PLR and placing content on your site.

What do you do if you purchase a pack of PLR articles and there is an article that doesn’t resonate with you? What if it is totally against your ideals or beliefs? What if it totally negates one of your money pages? I used to immediately delete it out of the pack. Now I don’t.

I still use it… and funnily enough I often get more comments on posts like that, than on the ones I truly believe in.

Now remember, comments boost posts, so any comment, good or bad is good! (There are usually more keywords in them too!)

This is how I use the articles I don’t like.

I start my blog posts by saying I don’t actually agree with my friend or relative who shared this information with me, but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Then I put the PLR article in inverted commas as if my ‘friend’ sent it to me.

If I have an article that I would rather them read, of course I would link it to that one… and that one would link to another, until they went all the way to my money page.

I just want to close by saying, ‘Keep posting, keep linking and keep doing!’ If you stop the momentum, it all stops. Your list starts to unsubscribe if you haven’t bothered to keep in contact, your position in the search results will start to slide… until you simply fade away. This is why people don’t make it to their goals.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Susie O'dea”]They stop because they don’t give it time, or quit right when things were about to take off. Don’t be the quitter, be the winner! [/pullquote]

Tracy and Susanne trusted in me to share something worthwhile to you. You have to earn Google’s trust too, before ‘they’ share what value you have to provide for their customers.

I hope that helps you build your business and make all the roads you create lead to your success!

Susie & Geoff O'Dea are the husband and wife team at MasterPLR and online business owners since early 2007.

They decided to provide a solution to most website owners’ biggest problem of finding quality content! Your websites also require images, infographics, videos and more to keep visitors coming back and sharing your content. Today more than ever social signals are important and people don’t share bad content. Do you?

Check out the content at MasterPLR.com because they know what you need to make your websites attract attention.



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