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4 Ways You Probably Haven’t Thought Of To Amplify Your Profits With PLR

TRUTH: Private Label Rights (PLR) content is a highly versatile tool.

While it can be used as content on your blogs/site, etc. or sold as your own products, there are also several other ways you can make the content work for you.

As a PLR user, you need to understand the concept of PLR to know when you need to rewrite it and when you need to rebrand or repurpose it.

Content, PLR or not, can be used in several different ways to generate an income online.  It just comes down to figuring out how to use the content strategically to make money directly or indirectly.

Let’s look at 4 ways you probably haven't thought of to amplify your profits using PLR content:

Question & Answer Sites

Take a look at question and answer sites such as Quora.com and Yahoo Answers. They are very active sites that have thousands of people asking questions each day but do you know that use can use PLR to drive traffic to your own web properties?

Simply answer questions that people post on these site.  Yes, you can use PLR content in your answers. You just need to find the right PLR content that contains information that answers their questions. Then it’s just a matter of posting the content. You do not need to worry about making the content unique because this is just a question and answer site but do give it a once over to add your voice and any thoughts you'd like to add.  Just make sure your answers are relevant and you’ll get their attention.

Don't forget to add your site or product link in your profile so people know how to learn more from you.  Keep in mind that your goal is not to draw attention to the link in your profile but to deliver so much value that the readers get curious about who you are and click on the link in your signature.

 Giveaway Reports

Another great way to drive traffic to your site or products is by sharing free short reports with valuable information using your PLR.  Convert the reports into PDFs and give them away on file sharing sites, forums, Facebook groups and so on.

Your first job should always be to help people.  Build the relationship and the money will follow.

It might seem counter-intuitive, especially if you've been taught to build your list above everything else but consider just giving a straight link to your download.

The fact is that you don't want to join forums and groups just to spam them with your freebies.   When a marketer who offers a gift but requires an opt in page to capture emails it can make it look like you’re just using the group/forum for your own benefit.

Now the truth is that you are using them for your own benefit but only after you pay the dues of being genuinely helpful.

In this situation, it's usually best to give your report away with no strings attached. No opt ins. But here’s what you do…

At the bottom of every page of your report add a link to your website. You can also sprinkle affiliate links throughout the report to create some passive income.

At the end of the report, share links to some of your other free report or to your affiliate links of other free products that you know are good quality.  At that point you'll have them opt in to get these reports.

See how that works?  You deliver free information that is so good that they want to learn more from you.  You've added a way for them to do that very thing AND you haven't broken any rule of those forums or groups.

Quick Tips

Break your PLR content down into bite-sized quick tips and then convert these tips into short videos, under 2 minutes, that you can post on your social media sites.

Likewise, you can create a quick checklist with tips from your content, create a PDF, add the PDF to your site and then link to in on social media sites.

When people find your quick tips, if you've given them good information, then they might just want to find out more about you.  That's where the links in your video channel, images on Pinterest or Instagram linked to your site or links in your free PDF checklists become important.  Don't forget to add a way for people to find out more about you and your offerings.

Offline Marketing

This tips is often overlooked but if the pandemic of 2020 has taught us anything it's that brick and mortar businesses need PLR, too.

To make PLR fit into offline marketing think about how it can be used for lead generation or to drive traffic.

Grab short, catchy content pieces from your PLR stash and convert them into infographics or use them on flyers, pamphlets, brochures, etc.

Here's an example:  If you own a natural food/vitamin store then printing out a PLR article on the benefits of vitamin D (as an attractive pamphlet) and juxtaposing the content next to an image of vitamin D supplements you’re selling in your store will help to educate the customer and help to convert potential buyers into paying customers.

The name of the game is always sharing quality information with potential customers so they recognize you as the expert in your field.

The 4 methods we've outlined above are just a few of the many ways PLR can be harnessed for your marketing online and offline.

Don't be afraid to color outside the lines. When you realize the sheer versatility of PLR  you’ll  learn to appreciate how useful it can be for your business.

If you have more questions about using PLR in your business check out our Free What Is PLR and How In The Heck Do I Use It? Guide