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13 Ways to Lose a Good Customer

My friend, Yvonne Russell, wrote a great article on customer service, 13 Ways to Lose a Good Customer. I couldn't have said it better, Yvonne!

In her article, Yvonne explains that customers can change their minds often, and may be in a hurry. Customers expect to have their needs met, or to receive their product or service on their time schedule, not yours! You must be sensitive to your customers' sense of urgency when providing customer service. Yvonne says, “It doesn't take much to lose a good customer. They expect you to deliver on your business value proposition – what your business says they offer, in a timely and professional fashion.”

Yvonne gives a list of 13 ways to lose good customers, all of which can be avoided by planning, organization, and an accommodating attiude by you and your staff. Here is Yvonne's list:

impolite or unconcerned staff

mistakes with regard to supply, delivery, or order fulfillment

company changes its focus – problem not addressed

price gouging

disagreements or miscommunications

inconsistent hours or customer service department availability

uncaring or disinterested customer service reps

rude phone manners

not feeling important as a customer

phone inquiried not responded to quickly

emails not answered quickly

unprofessional email etiquette

not keeping customers informed about special orders

In summary, I would like to add that successful business owners operate their businesses using the golden rule – treat your customer the way you would like to be treated as a customer.

This goes along with consumer advocate Clark Howard's mantra, “Customers vote with their feet, their mouse, and their wallet.” In other words, they may not complain, but will walk out of your establishment, click away from your website, and put their wallet away. Remember, without your customers, you have nothing!

Suzanne Wells