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Nicole Dean: Woman of Wisdom

Y'all remember my friend, Nicole Dean from, right? Well, I had the chance to ask her a few questions last weekend as we were hanging out together and sharing many vegetables.

She is one of the huge reasons that I have successful online business and I listen to everything she says because, well, to say it plain & simple – she's just THAT smart!

The questions might not be exciting enough to gossip about but they are filled with some wisdom from someone who has been around the block a couple times.

Here's what Nicole had to say.

Thank you, so much, Tracy, for wanting to pick my brain.

1.  If you could get into a time machine and give some advice to your newbie-self what would you say?


My newbie self would let fear stop me from taking action like I wanted to.

Therefore, I would say this to myself:

I was so insecure when I first started, that I convinced myself to believe that the web was small enough that I needed to worry about competition. Now, I know better. The competition consists of allies that I haven’t become friends with yet.

2. What was the driving force in helping you choose to create in online business vs getting a traditional JOB?

When we started to need money, I already have two children and was a stay at home mom. I had just had my daughter when my husband lost his job (my daughter was 3 weeks old) – so she wasn’t even old enough for me to put her in daycare yet. I started looking at home businesses and fortunately, through lots of hard work, and being blessed beyond measure to find and make friends like Kelly McCausey & you, Tracy, I’ve built a business that earns more than I ever thought possible.

3. How did you choose your business model/niche?

Trial and error. Stumbling along, trying different things and seeing what stuck and what didn’t.

And, surrounding myself with amazing, positive, hard-working business women (and men) – who have become my second family. When I get lost they guide me back on track as I do them.

If you take nothing else from this interview, please do not underestimate the importance of networking with others. It can directly correlate to your level of success as time goes by.

4. What one free tool can you not live without?

Since they are free, can I share more than one? I use all of these.

  • – This tool powers most of my websites.
  • – An alternative to buying Microsoft Office. This works for creating ebooks and Kindle books, too.
  • Facebook – For sanity, business and fun.
  • Skype – For brainstorming and screensharing with my coaching clients.

There are several others that I use, but that’s a start.

5. What tool would you invest in no matter the cost?

My autoresponder which powers my blog broadcasts and newsletters that I send. I would never skimp on managing my list. It’s a sizable part of my income.

But regardless, my list is the stability of my income. No matter what Google decides tomorrow, I have my list – which means that my income will continue. That’s huge to me.

6. Would you please share one thing you regret not doing sooner?

The one thing that I regret not doing sooner? I actually have several, but I will narrow it down to one.

I would say that the number one thing I regret is not creating products (writing books and teaching courses) sooner.

7. What are the 3 must read business books you'd recommend?

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t read business books often enough, even though I have bookshelves of them.

The books that I have read more than once are:

8. Would you mind sharing a bit about Blog CPR and how it might help a new online business owner create a plan to move forward?

BlogCPR.comDefinitely. The product that I would like to share is “Blog CPR: How to Revive your Lifeless Blog with Fresh Content”.
As we all know, blogging is work. My course teaches you how to be a more prolific blogger without gluing yourself to your swivel chair.

Please check it out HERE



9.  Any last words of wisdom?

Of course.

I have two. First, this one. This is my motto and it guides me in all that I do. You are welcome to make it yours, as well.

And, on that note, here’s how I will send you off on your day…