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Introducing Bacon Bytes

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One of the cool things about running an online business is the fact that there is a never-ending list of tasks that need doing.

One of the awful things about running an online business is the never-ending list of things that need doing.

Unfortunately, there is no way that Susanne and I would ever be able to share all those things with you on our own.

There are so many smart people out there that we've decided that instead of trying to cover everything ourselves we would search out the best of the best and introduce you to some new people.

Sometimes it'll be a really cool something we've found in our internet travels and other times we'll share items of note – important at the moment.

If you have a topic that you'd like us to cover, please let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy Bacon Bytes.



I've done curated posts here and there in the past when I came across a bunch of related posts on a topic that I wanted to share with my readers. They were a big hit, but not something I was in the habit of doing regularly.

Over the weekend, Tracy and I decided to go through Kelly McCausey's Smart Curation Skills guide and loved her quick and easy approach. In the future, look for tasty little bacon bytes from use (always using the image above) to see what interesting posts we've come across.

As Tracy mentioned, we can't possibly write and share every single thing that might be helpful to an online marketer. But it goes beyond that.

I find  it helps to hear something from other people. Sometimes we need to hear about a particular strategy a few different times before we're ready to give it a try. Sometimes having someone else explain it is what it takes for things to click into place.

We want to help you find those other trust worthy online marketers it's worth listening to. Keep an eye out for our “Bacon Bytes” here on the blog, on our Facebook page.