Aim High - Piggy Makes Bank

Aim High

I have no idea were this quote originally came from, but my pastor used it in a sermon once and it has stuck with me since:

“I would rather aim to high and fall short then aim to low and succeed. When you aim high, even if you do not reach you goal, you will have achieved more if you had aimed lower and then been happy enough to simply succeed at that small goal.”

Setting small goals are an important part of reaching a larger goal and staying motivated – but when you look at your overall goal, the larger purpose, aim high. It's like fundraising: if you aim for $1000, chances are you will raise $1000. If you aim for $10,000 – you might not make it all the way – but you will probably raise a lot more then you would have had you settled at $1000.

As a mother, this means setting my goal to be a perfect mother. Is it realistic? No, not really – I am human after all. But if my goal is just to do the best that I can do – that is probably all I will accomplish. By aiming higher, I not only open myself to the potential of achieving more – but I also learn to rely more on the Lord because only through Him can I be better then my own personal best.