cellphoneMy family needs to stay connected and plugged in. We love our technology! I work from home on my computer and the telephone. My son works and spends lots of time with friends and we use our cell phones like crazy to stay in touch. My eleven year old daughter now has a prepaid cell phone she takes with her when she leaves the house so I can always reach her.

My son and I are on a family plan with our contracted cell phones which has bells and whistles such as unlimited texting, cameras and music players. I plan to add unlimited internet soon. I can't imagine leaving the house without my cell phone. It seems as important these days as my purse and my keys.

Just today I would have been stranded with car trouble 30 miles from home if it had not been for my cell phone to reach someone. Have you tried locating a pay phone recently? Recently, my daughter had a bike accident down the road from our home and was unable to ride home. She was able to call me and I was then able to rush down the street and pick her up. Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt, but getting her and her bike home quickly was very important to both of us.

Our technology addicted family would be lost without our digital cameras, computers and cell phones. Wouldn't you?

Amy Hass is a WAHM to 2 great kids. She lives on the computer and her cell phone. She is an intern for Mom's Talk Network on Family On The Phone. She loves to color her hair bright and wild colors and enjoys playing The Sims in her limited free time.

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