Day 6 - Piggy Makes Bank

12 Days Of Christmas Specials - Day 6:   Moving Sedentary Bodies
 & Home Fitness That Doesn't Break The Bank

Ready for today's special pre-written content deal? We put together not one, but twelve special content bundles together for you for each of the twelve days of Christmas from Christmas Day to Epiphany. If you're ready to do a little work during Christmas break and start the new year - and the new decade of strong, this is something you want to keep an eye on. 

Each bundle consists of two mini content packs that work perfect together. Like chocolate and peanut butter.  You get  ten articles (five per topic) perfect for your niche along with emails, social media posts, and graphics. We've even compiled the content into a short report for you, perfect for list building. That's just enough content to keep you busy without being overwhelming.  

This content is not available for purchase anywhere, but will eventually go up on our site as individual packs at a higher price. Get it now before this special 12 Days of Christmas deal ends on January 6th. And keep an eye out for a fresh bundle being added daily between now and then. 

Know ya want it?  Click the buy button below for an immediate download.

When you say yes to this sale you'll get a total of:

  • 10 high quality plr articles - minimum of 400 words
  • 10 social friendly images that also work as blog post images
  • 10 emails to help you share the articles 
  • 10 social media posts
  • 2 Ebook Compilations of the articles included

The Article Titles Include:

Moving Sedentary Bodies

  • Anyone Can Move - Finding the Motivation to Get Moving!
  • How’s Your Health? Making Sure You’re Ready to Become More Active
  • Pro-Tips That Take You From Sedentary to Strengthened
  • Set SMART Goals to Become Less Sedentary
  • Great Activities to Overcome a Sedentary Lifestyle

Home Fitness That Doesn't Break The Bank

  • Working Out from Home: Saving Money and Time
  • Using Apps to Keep Workout Costs Down
  • Popular Budget-Friendly Home Fitness Equipment
  • Your Neighborhood Can Replace the Gym
  • Getting Your Family Involved in Fitness at Home

With these gorgeous images!!!

Don't wait too long. Sale Ends January 6th 2020!