Introducing the Business MINI PLR Membership

What if you could have a new blog post ready to publish each week?  Or better yet what if you have a new lead magnet freebie to share with your current audience each month while adding new leads to your list?

We have just the thing for you ... 

Go From Frustrated

Each month you get a new set of five articles perfect for your niche along with emails, social media posts, and graphics. We've even compiled the content into a short report for you, making it super simple to help you build your list. 

And even better - you can't get this content anywhere else.

To Finished & Fabulous

Business Mini MembershIp

You'll get 5 high quality plr articles, 5 emails, 5 social media posts, 5 social friendly images PLUS an Ebook Compilation of the content each month. 

That's just enough content to keep you busy without being overwhelming.  

We're not stopping there though. Throughout the month you'll get tips, information & training that will help you implement your content so that you get the ROI you're looking for.

Each month's pack is created around an interesting topic in the business niche. 

This month's topic is: Professional Development Goals That Pay Off

The article titles included in this PLR pack are:

  1. Everyone Benefits from Professional Development, Both On and Off duty
  2. Personal Competency is a Vital Component of Professional Development
  3. Social Competency Directly Impacts Your Career Advancement
  4. Tips for Boosting Professional Competency and Your Career
  5. Professional Development Goals that Pay Off in the Real World

Along with:

  • 5 emails
  • 5 social media posts
  • 5 social friendly images 
  • an Ebook Compilation (perfect for list building)

Upcoming Topics include:

  • Becoming More Comfortable with Pubic Speaking

Always Low Pricing

$20 per month for each individual mini-membership 

You'll be grandfathered in at this super low rate for as long as you'd like to stay a member.

If you have an active membership, this pack is already in your member area. 

Looking for even more content?

We have two other memberships in the health and business niches. Grab another one or... 

Get All Three Mini Memberships

For $47 per month you'll have access to all three mini membership content packs each month.

That's 15 Pieces of Content, 15 Social Media Posts, 15 Email Messages, 15 social media friendly images, plus 3 Short Reports each and every month.


By signing up now you're guaranteed the lowest price as long as you keep your membership.