One of the smartest things I've done recently to build my business is to get some help.

If there's one thing I've finally realized it's this:

I. Can't. Do. It. Alone.

I've tried to surround myself with people that I respect in the internet marketing sphere and at times, it's been hard to separate the wheat from the chaff but I've found my “comfortable few”. Those people that I have gotten to know personally, that I actually like and trust them to guide me through my own business because they've been where I am AND most importantly, they care about the people that they connect with.

Unfortunately, I can count those people without having to use my toes!

If you're like me then you've been searching high & low for someone to give you information you can implement to build your business but often you've shelled out your hard earned cash~sometimes when you really couldn't afford it~to get some answers. Then you find that it was the same old rehashed crap that everyone else is selling and to get to the real meat & potatoes they try to upsell you into a more expensive information product.

So~to save you any more aggravation I'm going to share with you my favorite people~guaranteed to give you:

  • a ton of free information
  • quality paid products
  • and most importantly, ethical business practices in an otherwise crap-filled environment.

Some of these people you already know and that's wonderful to my mind 😉 Others might not be as “visible” [yet] but I'm telling you they know they're stuff and bear getting to know.

Now, on to my list (in no particular order):

As time goes on, I'll be sharing more information about each of them and how, exactly, they've helped me develop both as a person and an internet entrepreneur.

Finding your way through the crap to the juicy goodness can be hard. The path is filled with people who just want your money. While the list above is not exhaustive (there are plenty more people I could mention and will one day soon) it is a good place to start. A place to get valuable information that can save you time, money & frustration on YOUR journey to the internet marketing lifestyle.

Who is your mentor?  What types of experiences (good or bad) have you had while trying to find good, quality information?  I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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